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Hebei Chinese Martial Arts Institute
Sifu Wuzhong Jia

· Wu Shu - Kung Fu (Gong Fu) · Shaolin (long fist) · Tai Chi (Taiji: Chen, Yang, Wu, Wu/Hao, Sun, taolu) ·
· Chi Kung (Qigong: medical, longevity, Taoist, Shaolin Yijinjing, Ba Duan Jin, Wild Goose) ·
· Ba Gua (Pa Kua: Cheng, Liang, Yin) · Xing Yi (Hsing-I: 5 elements, 12 animals) · Push-Hands ·
· Sanshou (Sanda) · Weapons (straight sword, broad sword, staff, spear, sabre, whip, fan, Guan Dao) ·


Master Jia founded HeBei Chinese Martial Arts Institute in 2002. Both private and group instruction are offered in Taiji (Tai Chi), Xingyi (Hsing-i), Bagua, Qigong, Shaolin, Sanshou, and Weapons: straight sword, broad sword, staff, and spear. Master Jia comes from HeBei province of China, a well-known hometown of traditional and modern Chinese martial arts. He started training at the age of seven. Since then he has studied Wushu under many renowned Grandmasters. Master Jia graduated from HeBei University with a Bachelor degree majoring in Wushu in 1990.

Master Jia began the study of martial arts at the young age of seven in China's HeBei Province. Since then Master Jia discovered what would soon become his lifelong passion of preserving the revered cultural legacy of the Chinese martial arts.

In 1986, on account of his extraordinary competitive performance, he received admission to HeBei Normal University. Master Jia chose to major in Wushu. With help from knowledgeable instructors, he received systematical training in Wushu and studied the general science of physical education as well. In 1990, Master Jia received his bachelor's degree in education and was honored with the titles, National First Class Knight and National Second Level Judge in Wushu by the Chinese National Physical and Sports Committee.

Eager to hone and perfect his skills, he grasped every opportunity to learn from masters of different styles of Wushu. In Noverber 1998, he arrived in the United States and began to instruct those interested in Chinese martial arts.

As a member of the United States of America Wushu-Kungfu Federation, Master Jia has remained extremely active in the various international activities involving Chinese martial arts. He participated the International Wushu-Kungfu Championships since 2000, and was the grand champion from 2001 to 2003.

Master Wuzhong Jia intends to continue with his goal in the United States to teach others to better understand the Chinese martial arts. To this end, he founded HeBei Chinese Martial Arts Institute in 2002. He will dedicate his life to reveal to others the ancient and secret cultural legacy that promises improved health and well-being to people of all nations.

Expertise -- over Years of Teaching Experience
  • Taiji (Tai-Chi): Chen, Yang, Wu, Wu(Hao), Sun style, and Contemporary
  • XingYi: Hebei style Xingyiquan
  • Ba-gua: Cheng, Liang and Yin style Baguazhang
  • ShaoLin: Shaolin long fist (Changquan)
  • Weapons: Straight sword, Broad sword, Spear, Staff,  Fan, Whip, Spring-Autumn Big Knife
  • Self-Defense
  • Qigong: Medical and Longevity Qigong - Chinese Yoga
Recently Received Certificates and Awards:
  • 2007 Taiji Legacy International Martial Arts Championships, Plano, TX, July, 2007
    • Head coach of HeBei Wushu team
    • 48 medals: 22 Gold, 16 Silver, and 10 Bronze
  • 2006 Taiji Legacy International Martial Arts Championships, Plano, TX, July 21-23, 2006
    • Head coach of HeBei Wushu team
    • 44 medals: 23 Gold, 13 Silver, and 8 Bronze
  • 2003 International Wushu-Kungfu Championships, Annandale, VA, July, 2003
    • Grand Champion of Men's Internal Forms
    • 5 Golden Medals, 4 Silver Medals
  • 2nd Chicago International Wushu Gongfu Tournament, Chicago, IL, April, 2002
    • Grand Champion of Men's Internal Forms
    • 12 Golden Medals
  • 2001 International Wushu Kungfu Festival & Championships, Orlando, FL, August, 2001
    • Grand Champion of Men's Internal Forms
    • 5 Golden Medals, 4 Silver Medals, and 2 Bronze Medals
  • 2000 International Wushu-Kungfu Championships, Baltimore, MD, August, 2000
    • 4 Golden Medals
    • 2 Silver Medals
  • China YongNian International Taijiquan Fellowship
    • Taijiquan Celebrity since 1998
  • National Wushu Judge, China
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