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Hebei Chinese Martial Arts Institute
Sifu Wuzhong Jia

· Wu Shu - Kung Fu (Gong Fu) · Shaolin (long fist) · Tai Chi (Taiji: Chen, Yang, Wu, Wu/Hao, Sun, taolu) ·
· Chi Kung (Qigong: medical, longevity, Taoist, Shaolin Yijinjing, Ba Duan Jin, Wild Goose) ·
· Ba Gua (Pa Kua: Cheng, Liang, Yin) · Xing Yi (Hsing-I: 5 elements, 12 animals) · Push-Hands ·
· Sanshou (Sanda) · Weapons (straight sword, broad sword, staff, spear, sabre, whip, fan, Guan Dao) ·

Following Master Jia

What is bringing you to a martial arts school?

  • Are you looking for ways to improve your health through exercise?
  • Do you want to master those cools feats and develop martial skills?
  • Are you unsatisfied with your current school or have you outgrown it?
  • Are you a martial arts instructor that wants to improve or diversify your skills?
  • Are you on the pursuit of spiritual development?

If you are looking for a school that will help you get where you want to go, whatever your goal or desire, please understand that going the way is the purpose. Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Have I made my goal my daily priority #1?
  • Am I ready to work for my goal regularly and without missing a single class?
  • Am I ready to give up impatience and just follow my master with trust and respect?
  • Am I willing to work on my frustration if I do not improve as fast as I hoped?

If you are positive you need a good martial arts school, we invite you to consult our list of classes, pricing and schedule, then contact us either by phone or email with your questions.

It is best to come and visit us to speak to Master Jia or one of our instructors in person.

You are invited to join us and try an introductory class. Of course, free of charge and without any obligation. We do not consider ourselves a typical business and we do respect your freedom of choice, always. So there is no contract and no registration fee. You can always skip a class or two if needed and carry those classes over to the following week to meet your schedule..

Thank you for considering our school.






Master Jia and the Hebei Chinese Martial Arts Institute 2007 New Year's Celebration

Hebei Wushu: Chinese Martial Arts Institute, 2007
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